Friday, 18 April 2014

Busy Days

Thursday we had to pick it Eden up from her friends, go straight to town, pick up a parcel from the post office and go to the bank.
I went to see a lady about becoming her cleaner for a couple of hours a week in the afternoon. She's disabled and needs a little help.
Then we took Eden back to the same friends that she stayed at the  night before as they were going to a party.
Had a quiet evening in watching TV and went to pick her back up at midnight.
Today I've been to my Mums for a couple of hours to do some cleaning, my sister and nephew came over to exchange Easter Eggs and the back garden has had the grass cut and we've finally got round to rotavating the veg patch. Yes, it has finally dried out!
Malc has taken Eden to another friends for the evening, we are picking her up at 10-30 pm, the boys are playing out, they've got another half an hour before they have to come in.
We are really busy again for the next few days. I was hoping to have Sunday to ourselves but somebody has just rang to ask to come and see us.
Their visit will be a great surprise for Callum as it's a friend he met when we were camping about five years ago, Beth and Callum took a shine to each other and since then regularly write and phone each other. Beth and her family are coming to Bournemouth for a dancing competition so they asked if they could come and see us. They came to see us about three years ago. So we're not going to tell Callum and we'll make him answer the door. I can't wait to see his face.
I'll leave you with a picture of the children's Easter Eggs, they already have three and I know they have two more coming!
 I have to label them so there's no arguing over who's is whose.


  1. I struggle organising one child's timetable - you're a star! x

  2. Albeit a stressed star!! Thanks Em x

  3. Although it was chaos when the big kids were at home with all their different activities but now they are all grown it's the one thing I miss. I am now redundant and my job is done. Still I still have number 3 still at home.

    1. At this moment in time I'm looking forward to them all going their own way but I'm sure when the time comes I won't enjoy it. I can't ever see the day when Malc and myself will be on our own!

  4. Busy busy. I bet Callum will be thrilled to have a visit from his friend. I love Creme Eggs, yum yum.