Saturday, 6 September 2014

Eventful (Again!)

Thankyou for the comments on my last post.
We managed to get away in our caravan for a few  days and had such a relaxing, pleasant time.
I can thoroughly recommend Shaftesbury Abbey where you are all given a hand portable audio thingy! It tells you about the different parts of the Abbey, both functionally and historically. I thought the boys would be bored to death but they were absolutely engrossed.
The Abbey ruins

The boys with their audio devices,

I thought standing on this cross was disrespectful but when I told the boys to get down they said that the person on the audio device told them to stand there!

We had a picnic overlooking the most beautiful view, the doors to the Abbey are the black ones behind Cals head.

Soloman made a new friend and I had to take this picture as it reminded me of two old man sitting fishing

We also visited Sherborne Castle

This is known as the Pope's Seat after a poet who visited the castle. It faces a beautiful waterfall.

I managed to get quite a bit of reading done

Quite a bit of crochet too

I did this for one of my Mums dogs.
Unfortunately she had to cancel getting the new puppy because of Ed's stroke. It was lucky she did as we'd only been back a couple of hours and he had another one!
He made a good recovery again but this time we are making him have complete rest.
So I'm cooking and cleaning for them at the moment as well as N's and another lady that I clean for. Things are hectic here as usual.
Clark had to have his arm x-rayed on Thursday morning and hopefully  was having a smaller cast on.
I've got some pictures of his scar as this was the first time that we'd seen it,

It was much longer than we thought it would be.
They told us at the fracture clinic that the plate wasn't going to come out whereas on the ward when the op was done they said it would be taken out in six weeks so I'm not really sure what's happening with it.

Thankfully he has had a smaller cast put on and is finding he can move his arm much more and he's so much more comfortable.

Eden has started sixth form and is stressing out about her maths A  level already! She's loving not wearing a uniform.
I haven't had time to catch up on blogs, a situation I hope to rectify over the weekend.


  1. Glad you managed to get away in the caravan, it looks like you had a lovely time. Those audio thingies are great I wish they had them at all the NT properties, you learn so much more than just hurriedly reading the info boards.

    Sorry to hear about Ed, it must be a constant worry for you all, its nice that you can help with a few jobs although I dont know how you find the time! Clarks arm looks sore, I bet he will be glad when he is back to normal and baking all those delicious cakes again.
    Hope you manage a rest this weekend xx

  2. Thanks Pam x I was amazed at how much the boys enjoyed the Abbey. The cost was £3 per adult and the boys were free. Best £6 we've spent in a long time!
    Clark hadn't taken pain relief for quite a few days but after the x-ray and replaster his arm was a bit painful again. Luckily it's settled down.
    The way I see it is if I didn't have these things happening in my life I would have nothing to blog about!

  3. Hello down there in Dorset, I thought you had been very quiet, but I can see you've been a bit busy.( understatement!)
    Lets hope they sort out Clarks arm and everyone you are looking after soon gets back to normal.
    Thank you for popping into my blog, I'm on the mend, pneumonia was a bit of a surprise though.

    1. It had to be something serious to knock you out Sue!
      Must be the time of year, everybodys lives seems to be eventful at the moment. Stars and planets interrupting my good vibes!!

  4. Glad you managed to escape the madness for a few days. Looks like you had a lovely relaxing time. Sorry to hear about Ed having another stroke. Must be such a worry that they keep happening. That is some scar. I hope the hospital makes up its mind soon whether that plate stays or goes; it's horrible when you get conflicting information.

    1. It started the minute he broke it unfortunately! It's annoying as I have other responsibilities to sort and and weave into the things I have to do and that's awkward when you don't know what's happening.
      We're trying to think up a really good story to go with the scar so he can impress anyone who asks how he got it!

  5. Glad you managed to get away, it will have done you all the power of good after everything which has been going on just lately. Shaftesbury Abbey looks fab, glad the boys enjoyed it. It's great when a place like this can engage children so well, they learn so much from these places. Sorry to hear about Ed, what a worry for you all, and sad that your mum had to cancel the puppy but it's probably for the best. Glad to hear that Clark's feeling more comfortable with his smaller cast. I hope Eden's enjoying Sixth Form. Daniel took Maths A level and it is a bit of a jump from GCSE but I'm sure she'll cope with it, she's a very bright girl. I've got a list of books to buy for Eleanor and at around £20 each, they don't come cheap.

    1. Thanks Jo.
      Thankfully Edens books seem to be provided by the school. At least she hasn't mentioned money when she showed them to me and I'm not asking!! Although she got an A * in Maths she had to work at it and I think she's looked through the book and has been frightened by it. It doesn't help that none of her friends are in her class, they seem to be in another one altogether so she's a bit upset about that. I'm sure she'll settle down.

  6. Good luck to Eden with the Maths - my DD18 just did that and loved it in the end, even though she had a bit of a shaky start. She didn't get A* in the GCSE and the teacher wasn't sure about her, but then she got an A at the AS last year and he started taking her a bit more seriously. She really loved Maths and has even considered doing a bit at uni alongside her main subjects! I do hope Eden gets her head around it! Good luck to her with it, and thanks for sharing all the lovely photos xxx

  7. Thanks Morgan, I've spoken to Eden and told her about your DD. I'm hoping this is just a shaky start too. She's so hard on herself sometimes!
    Well done to your DD getting an A at AS level. Glad she proved her teacher wrong.