Tuesday, 9 September 2014

To re-mark or not to re-mark?

Eden was approached by her Physics teacher today who also taught her astronomy last year.
Eden got an A in astronomy and the teacher told her she was one mark off an A*. She thinks she should get it re-marked and see if she can claim that point and go up a grade.
She got a B in English, her only B grade, the English teacher also came up to her today and said she was two marks off an A grade and she thinks it would be worth getting her exam re-marked.
The only catch with this is that the astronomy re-mark is £30 and the English is £37. The school won't pay as she isn't taking an A level in either subject.
Eden thinks (and this is a hazy thinks!) that if she does go up a grade than the school would reimburse the payment for the re-mark.
If the re-mark goes the other way and she looses a mark or two it won't effect the grade she already has, it'll stay the same.
Now I can understand re-marking the English as lots of employers like you to have English and Math but not so much the astronomy.
Although saying this some Uni's do take GCSE results into account and the higher the grade the more points you have towards the entrance points you need. I think that's if your A level results aren't as good as you had hoped.
So at the moment we're deciding what to do.
This is the sort of thing that my A* child writes on her brothers cast and then suddenly realized that the nurses and plasterers at the hospital are going to see it!
Those easily offended look away now!

After working this morning and having lunch Callum and I made some stuff for Mum to put in her freezer so her and Ed can just zap a few things in the microwave and make mealtimes a bit easier.
Crofters Pie

Shepherds Pie

We also did two tubs of mince and veg , some boiled potatoes and some roast potatoes.
I don't roast them too much as Mum and Ed put them back in the oven to carry on roasting as they heat through.

The boys are at Karate and Callum and Eden are working with Malc for an hour so I've had time to blog and browse social media which has been lovely but I'd better go and wipe up that washing up sitting on the draining board!.


  1. that crofters pie made my mouth water! I did laugh at what Eden wrote, we decorated a room in our last house and found a little rhyme written on the wall, under the paper. The sister from the previous family who lived there, had written it about her brother (they were both in their 20's by now), but when I saw her I recited it to her and made her blush, as she had forgotten all about it!

    1. She did make me laugh when she realized that the nurses would see it!

  2. We're a bit baffled by a couple of Eleanor's results, especially Music which she was expecting an A in. She was given an A* for the performance part of her exam but this has been lowered to a B and she was given an A for her composition, but this was lowered to a D. All the marks are put together to give her overall grade, and she got a B. It seems it's happened to most of the students so they're having them remarked, we're just waiting to speak to her teacher now so that we know what's going on. Eleanor's lowest grade was her English too. The sixth form tutor who we had a meeting with after she got her results said that the English results were all over the place this year, those expecting A's were coming out with much less. Eleanor needed at least a B in it as she's taking it at A level, but the tutor said he didn't have any hesitation in allowing Eleanor to take the A level as he knew she was capable of much more than the C she got, so it might be worth Eden having hers remarked.

  3. I'd go the other way and not bother. As a governor, I am an "employer" and all we look for is A-C in Maths and English as a general rule, when we are looking over application forms. If they are not A level subjects, I'd just concentrate on doing as well as she can in the A levels and let sleeping dogs lie. There is a very cynical part of me that thinks that the schools just want the marks challenged because if the higher grade were to be achieved, it would look better for them! The EFG had the same thing but since it wasn't a subject she was doing for A levels, we left it alone. The university application process seems to us to be very focussed around the A levels that you are doing, and your extra-curricular roundness. Good luck to Eden, and your cooking looks very scrummy indeed!

    1. Cheers Morgan. My Mum is of the same opinion about the schools trying to look good x