Saturday, 13 August 2016

A tad too much sun

This is me today, well it obviously isn't actually me but you get my drift.
I sat out in the front garden yesterday with the intention of finishing the last strip for my blanket for sixty million trebles.  
The group can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under that name by the way.
In fact I did very little knitting as one of my neighbours came over and sat with me and we drank tea, ate biscuits and watch the happenings of the road.
Several people who went by came and sat and chatted for a while and then left to go on with their business and although I can knit and talk at the same time I kept putting my knitting down so I didn't meet my target for the day.
Another unfortunate is that I didn't realise how long I was sat there and how hot the sun was so this morning the face of the lady  looking back at me was very red and shiny! That'll be my nose peeling by the end of the week then!
 Last night Malc, myself, Soloman and Cody got some blankets and settled ourselves in the front garden to stargaze again.
We saw quite a few shooting stars, I thought Soloman would burst, he was so excited.
Both the boys are real fidgets though so I kept getting an elbow in the chest or hip, they kept sitting up as they kept hearing noises which spooked them.
So we only lasted an hour but it was good fun.
Today the boys have gone crab fishing with a friend and his Mum so I'd better get off the Internet and get those needles out and try and catch up with the target I set myself!

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  1. Having a street that is a community is a rarity these days. What a special place to live.
    I cant wait until my two littles are big enough for nighttime stargazing rather than just early nights. How fun to share it with them. x