Wednesday, 17 August 2016

More of the same

Yesterday I taught three more youngsters to crochet.
We have our first two childrens squares done, both crocheted by Cody.
Look at the concentration on that little face, bless him.

Measuring the square to make sure it's definitely 6 inches square.

The finished products

Hopefully my little band of crafters will join me round my little table in the front garden again tonight and we'll spend a productive hour hooking and knitting. Three more of the children have done half a square so I'm hoping we"ll have some more finished tonight.
In other news,
We went to Southampton Hospital for Callum's three month check on Monday and everything was perfect, no loose metalwork. He has to go back in 9 months for his year check and hopefully to be signed off.
There's rain forecast later which is good because I'm so fed up with lugging round the watering can to water the hanging baskets and pots every night.
Tomorrow is results day so Eden is taking me back to her school so we can get them, she's half looking forward to it and half dreading it!
 I've also got food shopping and one of the dogs is going to the groomers.
So I'm off into the garden with my knitting bag to enjoy the sunshine before that rain comes!

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  1. Oh I love the colour of those crochet squares! I love how your kids have learnt knitting and crochet skills. Such a lovely thing to do together.
    So pleased Callums check went well. A relief for you no doubt.