Sunday, 19 May 2013

I want one!!

Posting on Clark's tablet again! I'm loving it ! I sooo want one!
I`d like to thank simplesuffolksmallholder for her comment yesterday.
 Actually got a lay-in this morning, well 9 o`clock which isn't bad for this house. I think it helped that we didn't get to bed until 11-30 last night as we watched Eurovision.
Housework was done, bacon sandwiches were eaten, I started the ironing, Callum asked to do some for me and as I wouldn't want to upset him I` ve let him carry on with some!
Clark is going to help me post a picture before he does his blog.
Soloman and Cody are peeling potatoes for a roast dinner, I bought a new peeler and they both like using it, in fact they fight over using it!
I`ve nearly finished the babys jumper I`m knitting so I`ll have to sort out something else to start, I`m spoilt for choice as one of my friends has 10 children and I always knit them something for Christmas, I`ve got one down and 9 to go! I try and knit presents for Christmas through the year to spread out the work.
So that particular family keep me busy!
I took a photo of the bed socks I knitted my sister for her birthday, it`s OK, she doesn't read my blog, so I can post the picture.

Eden has a Pentecoste celebration tonight with her church cell group. It involves a bonfire so I hope it stops raining for them.
Although you`ve probably read this post in two minutes flat you have no idea how long it has taken me to type, so I`d better get back to the ironing before Callum rings Childline and complains about child labour to them!


  1. As you can see I am having a catch up marathon again :) I love my ipad it does make most of what I want to do so much easier, not to mention when I am one handed with Lucas I can still use the tablet.

    I love how all your family are in to knitting etc. I feel you should run a knitting workshop before this little one is born!

  2. I would gladly teach you to knit Carol, although then you would be knitting for the baby and I wouldn't have the pleasure of knitting for it! I'm really enjoying putting the little sets together x