Tuesday, 21 May 2013

LA Visit

Our LA man came to see us this morning, we`ve had the same man from day one. He`s a retired Head teacher from our local school.
When he rang us to arrange a time to visit he told me this will be his last visit to us as he`s retiring for the second time!
 I usually write a paragraph on each subject to give to him and then each of the boys chats to him about their hobbies and interests. So Callum showed him his knitting, Clark showed him his crochet and lots of Cubs stuff. Soloman showed him his books about dinosaurs and planets and stars which he`s obsessed with and finally Cody had a chat about Beavers and the Tank Museum that we visited at the weekend.
So we will wait for his report and that will all be done for another year.
 He did say that he doesn't know who will be coming to see us next year as they keep losing staff so well have to wait and see what happens with that.
 I finished the back of the cardi last night and I`m halfway up the first sleeve so I think I`m going to have half an hour to myself whilst the boys are playing out in the garden.
Jacket potatoes with salad for tea so not a lot of work there!
 My kind of tea!


  1. Its so good to know that good LA visitors are about , I hear so many negative stories about them. We have never had a visit but have met our local guy and he is lovely. Sorry yours is leaving - I guess you could always refuse if the next person is rubbish

  2. I'm boping to just send in a report each year, much easier!