Friday, 31 May 2013

It`s hot and I`m ironing!

What a change in the weather!
Today we had to go to town to get some money out and also to meet a lady, Lyn who does a lot for Biggin hill Romania GroupOne knitting group in particular gives me lots of jumpers and blankets to pass on to this lady. So we handed over 4 carrier bags, which also included knitted slippers which they had said they had a particular need of.
Then we went to another lady who through free cycle told us she had a washed sheep's fleece, it wasn't any good for spinning but would be good for stuffing. As Callum is always on the hunt for stuffing for the various toys he makes we made contact and said we would love it.
We then went to the library, just a quick trip today, we usually spend a couple of hours there but we`ve got so much to do I didn't want to take too long.
Edens spending the day ice-skating with a friend and then she has a rehearsal with the church band that she sometimes sings with at a Sunday evening service.
We had a quick lunch and I did an absolute load of ironing whilst Malc fitted a new thermostat housing to the van and also a window winder as the one my side had broken, the window kept slipping down whilst we were going along and I`ve finally got fed up with the rain coming in!
The boys have cleaned out all the rabbits after being bribed promised an ice-cream when they have finished. It`s extremely  hot out there so I think they deserve one.
Just tea to sort out and then hopefully a quiet evening. I may even sit out in the back garden to knit, I`ve nearly finished the baby's blanket so I`ll have to look out my next project!

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