Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Weekly shopping

I actually  like going on my weekly shop. I`ve been going to Asda for years and have got to know so many of the people who work there now.
I use to talk about shopping on my old blog, we use to go to the same checkout every week and the cashier was a lady called Helen. Unfortunately Helen died nearly two years ago now of cancer, we went to her funeral which she actually planned before she died.
Nowadays we have a lady called Jackie whose checkout we go to every week.
I usually have at least three of the boys with me and I wanted somebody who will interact with them, not shoot the shopping down through the scanner and have a bit of a chat with and Jackie fits the bill nicely.
We also have Lee, the boys call him their stepbrother which is hilarious as he`s coloured and has very dark coloured skin. I hope that`s a politically correct way to say it. We also have Wayne, who works in frozen veg, the kids call him Dad! Don`t  ask!
 We have tickle Tina, so called because she creeps up behind the boys and tickles them. There`s Dah, Janette, Heidi, Tony and Dave who all say hello, as well as a few that I don`t know the name of who greet us too. If I`m short on a boy or two they ask where they are.
This morning was no execption , I told Eden she could come shopping with me as a treat! She`s usually at school so she misses out. She was quite surprised at the number of staff who talk to us.
So well done to Asdas, I`ve written to their Head Office a couple of times to praise the staff there.
So shopping done we got home and unpacked, put everything away and had lunch.
Malc then went to the tip and offloaded our little freezer that stopped working a few days ago now.
I then went back to Asda with Eden to buy some stationery she needs for her end of year exams she`s taking when she goes back to school next week.
I also bought a couple of pairs of jeans and t-shirts for myself, I don`t buy clothes very often so it was quite a treat. I`d been given an Asda voucher way back for Mothers Day so I have now eventually used that.
Anyway I`m typing as I`m watching Springwatch, which I have to say has already been fascinating again this year.
So as much as I want to hold your attention to my amazing life, the draw of Chris Packam is strongly pulling me away!
Tomorrow we` re hoping to visit a little local museum,  so come back then and catch up!

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  1. We tend to shop online now as Lucas is not a shopping fan but wehn we lived in Lincoln we shopped in Asda and they were so very friendly. Its nice to see familiar faces each week.