Monday, 20 May 2013

what's on my needles?

A cardigan for my friends daughter. It looks pinkish in the picture, it's more of a salmon pink colour. I finished the baby cardi and matching hat and started on this last night. I'll post a picture when I've finished
Came down into the kitchen this morning only to find the small freezer had defrosted for some reason.The plug was partly out so I don't know if somebody has knocked it or if it's broken. I had to get stuff out really quick and put it in our big freezer, most of it was still frozen but there were some plums off our tree that I put in last year which were starting to defrost so I had to make a quick plum crumble before I went out this afternoon
 Went to my knit and natter group, there were 14 of us there, only one lady missing so it was quite " busy" with everyone showing off what they were knitting. I do love this group, it's so friendly with knitters ,crocheters and one lady there sits and does rag rugging.
Callum always comes with me and today was showing off a couple of dinosaurs that he's knitted.
I've got a chicken korma in the slow cooker and the rice is on so I'm off to dish up.
 Eden's got a skittles evening with her church cell group tonight and Malc, Clark and Soloman are off to Beavers. Soloman's being invested tonight so another proud Mummy moment coming up to post. If I remember I'll get Malc to take some pictures.

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