Monday, 20 May 2013


 Soloman was invested into Cubs tonight after being a Beaver for two years. Clark is his Sixer so he had to help invest him, which I thought was really sweet


  1. Thank you for lovely memories of being an Akela. I always enjoyed investing new Cubs, wondering what sort of boys they would be ( Before girls were allowed in). When we moved here we started a Beaver Colony locally for a while but got no support from the rest of the Group leaders and didn't enjoy it as much as cubs so only lasted for 2 years. But did Cubs for nearly 20 years before we moved.

  2. Glad it brought back good memories.
    Malc ( hubby) has been helping at Cubs and Beavers for a few years now. They are terribly short of helpers. Cody started Beavers 6 months after the starting age as they have 24 children waiting to start. It`s such a shame as I think it`s such a good organization to belong to.
    Our boys certainly have lots of fun there.

  3. Awww bless. Seb has this to look forward to in September :)