Monday, 27 May 2013

Starting with a joke!

In my last post I said that two of the boys and I were mowing the front lawn. One of my neighbours went by and told me that I shouldn't mow the grass, he pours beer all over his. So I looked at him puzzled, he then said it saves on mowing because it comes up half cut!
 Boom, boom!
I thought that was quite funny!
 I`ve finished the chunky knit cardigan that I was doing, I`m really pleased with it. I`m thinking of doing a smaller one for this young ladies sister as it knitted up really quickly and I have some more pretty chunky wool.

That will be another Christmas present under my belt.
I`ve started a baby blanket for the lady who I knitted the baby cardigan and hat set for, I can`t post it as she pops in to read my blog occasionally, you`ll have to wait until she`s received them which won`t be for a few weeks as I`m going to do up a parcel and send it when I`ve got together a few items.
Today we went to Upton Park with the boys. The two youngest took their bikes so they could ride aro..und, we also took a ball and had a game of catch on the big field in front of the house.
They have a new play track which is brilliant, lots of wooden things for children to climb on and through.
They also have a plant shop which is really cheap anyway but today they had 25℅ off so I bought a pot of 7 raspberry canes for £4-20 which was great.
I`m now off to do some knitting , gone are the days when you had a good film on TV for the Bank Holiday, tonight we`ve got Britain's Got Talent which isn't really my thing
Luckily we`ve also got  Springwatch. Chris Packham is a favorite in our house.
So I`m off for a bit of nature!


  1. Just found your blog Bridget and thought I would pop by and say Hello.

    Gosh you are one busy mummy with 5 children, I don't know how on earth you find time to knit. The cardigan you have made is beautiful, and a pretty colour.

    I know what you mean about a good film, Britain's got no Talent its called in our house, I detest that programme! I must be too old because its too loud for me lol I'm all for a quiet life :-)

  2. Hi Karen, many thanks for you comment. I think having five children is the reason why I knit! I find it very theraputic, I start knitting very fast and gradually slow down as the stresses and strains of the day leave me!

  3. I do love Upton, havent been there in nearly three years now. You have tempted me so IF we get some more nice weather I think a day trip is order!

  4. Let us know if you come to Upton. The kids can play with a ball, eat ice-cream and we can sit in a couple of chairs in front of Upron House and I can teach you to knit. Result! X