Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A nothing kind of day!

Eden got in touch on messenger last night. We actually talked to each other! This modern technology is amazing! (She says sounding like her Grandmother!)
They had a rehearsal this morning and they have their first concert this evening. She is singing a solo but don't ask me what it is!
NS went to see his consultant this morning and he's been told he is in Stage 5 renal failure, he can be on dialysis forever but he also has heart problems which complicate his chances of having a transplant.
He's doing really well though. Unfortunately because of his learning difficulties he doesn't seem to understand that he won't get better which can make conversations with him a little difficult.
We have had a quiet day today. I should be ironing so that Clark has some clothes to take away to Scout camp with him but it's just too hot! I may do some this evening if it ever cools down.
 So not a lot going on here today which makes a change.
We were forecast thunder storms for tomorrow but they seem to have disappeared to be replaced with a small chance of a shower in the South West. I may stand out in the back garden in my underwear during it to fully appreciate it! Look out for that on the local news!!


  1. I feel as though I've been ironing all week what with all the holiday washing I've been catching up with and also new bedding for Daniel to take to university with him. He had a single bed in his uni accommodation last year but he's now got a double in his new rented house so I've bought him a couple of king size sets which needed washing and ironing before being used. It just isn't the weather to be stood over an ironing board. Hope Eden's enjoying her trip.

  2. Eden's loving her trip, thanks Jo. The ironing in this house is never ending! I don't usually mind it and my mind drifts away to other things usually when I'm ironing but at the moment the heat is just unbearable. Callum is very good and quite likes ironing too so he helps me out!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your quiet day. It's nice to have them every so often especially when it's SO hot.