Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An early morning

We were up at 3am to take Eden to school to catch a coach at 4am which turned up eventually at 4-45am! She was off to Italy with the schools Chamber Choir and Orchestra. They are staying near Tuscany. She's face booked me and told me all about her room and that they've arrived OK. I was also sent the obligatory picture of the plane wing as they were flying!
NS has been in hospital for the last two days having a camera procedure, let's just say it was going up not down!! He's back tonight. N is so easy to look after, she just likes a cup of tea and a natter whilst I'm working, she's very undemanding.
Malc has had some bad news in that one if the main leaflet distributors he delivers for needs his services no longer which was a bit of a blow. So he has four weeks to try and find another source of income as these make up quite a chunk of his income.
The boys have done some more bleaching today! I'm having to go through all their t-shirts to say they can bleach them as I won't let them do their best ones!
Here's Clark's from yesterday, I think he went a bit mad with the first one!

This one is my favorite

Clark is off to Scout camp next Saturday, I will only have three children for three days, I won't know myself!
I think today has been the hottest day so far. I have already had two showers, I just can't cool down.
The dogs haven't been walked today, it's just too hot for them.
They're just laying around panting, poor things.
We are forecast thiumnder storms on Thursday and I can't wait!


  1. Don't you dare wish for thunderstorms for Thursday! Unless they are only in Dorset and not here.
    Looks as if it might be dangerous to stand still in your house for fear of being bleached, although they do look good.
    I hope Malc finds a replacement job soon.

    1. Haha, it was because of reading your post that I checked the weather on my phone. I didn't think we had any rain forecast.
      Your comment about the bleach did make me laugh. I really didn't want so many t-shirts done but it keeps them happy and out of trouble so I can overlook the amount!

  2. great tee shirts! I was out at 7.30am with my dog, but luckily there is a nice breeze now. I am a bit worried about the thunderstorms forecast for Thursday, as Mo's garden is being judged on Friday and the rain might flatten her flowers :-O

    1. Early morning is probably the best time to walk the dogs in this heat.
      Let us know how Mo's garden does, hope the flowers are flattened too much!

  3. I bet Eden will have a whale of a time, what a great place to visit. Hope Malc finds something else soon, I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. Poor Archie hasn't known where to put himself all day, this weather's no good for him, I suppose it's the same for all dogs at the moment.

    1. My dogs are just laying around panting all day.
      Eden's having a great time and has already indulged in her favorite hobby of buying clothes!!

  4. Oh Bridget that is a worry for you and Malc hope he finds something and quick. Love the boys t'shirts think the black one is my favorite. I was feeling really guilty that I hadn't walked the four paws but it's just been so hot and they are already panting a trying to find the coolest places to lie down. Now I know others are of the same opinion I will stop giving myself a hard time.

    Hope Eden and Clark enjoy their trips no doubt you will be telling us all about it.


    1. Usually if it's hot we will walk the dogs in the evening when it's cooler but it's still so warm for them so they've missed a walk most of this week. Each dog is different and each owner will have a different opinion. A couple of our dogs are quite old so I wouldn't want them to over exert themselves.
      You can be sure that I will be reporting Eden and Clark's adventures x

  5. Hope Eden had a fab time... I shall find out. I love the bleaching, so much fun! Sorry to hear about Malc's job :(