Saturday, 26 July 2014

My nest is half empty

Clark just before we took him to the coach this morning at 6-30 am.

He's gone to Hertfordshire for the week to meet up with nearly 2000 other scouts.
That's two of the five gone!
The house doesn't feel right, neither does my head or my heart!
Eden rang last night and said the hotel is like Fawlty Towers except they speak Italian! Their electric in their room keeps tripping and they have to keep pressing a reset switch. Sometimes when they press it the whole floor goes down!
They went to the beach today, they sat on the beach in their swimsuits and bikinis when the heavens opened and it started to thunder and lightening! They sat on the coach for about an hour in their swimming stuff, when the storm still hadn't abated they went back to the hotel!
She's not having the great time she expected unfortunately.
The music teacher keeps stressing during rehearsals and apparently goes bright red and starts shaking when somebody makes a mistake!
I know they have to perform well at their concerts but they all had to pay for themselves to go! I think, in the words of the children , he needs to take a chill pill!
Talking of storms, we had one appear from nowhere yesterday teatime. One minute it was beautiful sunshine and the next the sky was black, thunder, lightening and torrential rain. It lasted a couple of hours and then the sun came out again!
It hasn't freshened up the weather at all. It's still very hot and sticky.
Today I have made some cards for Malc and my Mum as they share a birthday tomorrow.
Callum and I have also made a cake and decorated it.

We are going out for breakfast and then we'll see where the day takes us.
If you want to find out then pop back tomorrow.


  1. Doesn't Clark look handsome in his Scout uniform? I'm sure he'll be having a fabulous time, though it is strange when some of the family are missing at home. I'm sorry to hear about Eden's trip, though she'll probably look back on it with fondness. I think it can seem worse than it is when you're in the midst of it, but she'll probably laugh at all the mishaps when she gets home. It will have been a life experience for her in any event. Happy birthday to Malc and your mum for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous day whatever you decide to do.

    1. Thanks Jo. It certainly does feel strange but I think I'm going to have to get use to it as they get older and venture further afield.
      I'm sure Eden will laugh at all the mishaps when she looks back! I'm sure they'll be a few pictures of their birthday celebrations posted tomorrow x

  2. Lovely cake! Hope Eden and Clark both have great times on their separate adventures xxx

  3. Clark looks fab in his scout uniform, hope he has a good time. Cake look yummy, we haven't had any sweet stuff for nearly 3 weeks its killing us!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a very Happy Birthday to both Malc and your Mum. X

    1. Thanks Karen x Cal also made lemon/lime ice cream too. It would be rude to refuse!!

  4. 2000 Scouts- Oh goodness me! They will have a brilliant time, I expect so much will be planned for them to do.
    Poor Eden, I hope things improve before it's time to come home.
    Lovely cake, I like the little cup cake decorations.

    1. They have got an action packed itinerary!
      The cake decorations were bought from asdas. I thought they were quite sweet.

  5. Clark is looking so grown up. Hope he has a lovely time. Sorry to hear Edens time away isn't as good as she'd hoped, hopefully it'll improve. Happy Birthday to Malcom and your mum x