Monday, 20 October 2014

October is for......

Visiting garden centers with all their Christmas decorations up!

All the beautiful twinkling lights

The fun of the singing/moving penguins, snowmen and Santa's

Clark bought this pack and made them yesterday afternoon.

He's put festive coloured tissue paper inside and he's going to use them to put presents inside.
He's actually put me to shame as he's made a load of Christmas cards already.

It's also time to burn some festive smelling candles, these really are gorgeous but as I've said many a time before, anything's better than the smell of damp dogs!

In other news, Eden and her band did their gig on Saturday night and they went down well.
I have finished the throw I was crocheting (Hurrah!) I have started on Clark's cardigan, pictures tomorrow hopefully!
We're hoping to go away in our caravan for a few days again soon and I've been told that my lounge will be painted by the time I get back! Something to look forward to!
Other than that a rather dull and dreary day in Dorset but as usual a hive of activity in my house!


  1. Christmas already are organised. Just loved the little boxes .. he's done a good job with them. I've been painting today .. a bit of fresh paint always cheers a girl .. hope you have a nice break in the caravan.

    Vicky x

    1. Thanks x The boys are really getting into home made presents this year which I think is lovely

  2. Home made presents are truly lovely - so heartfelt. I would love to move away from the usual buy,buy,buy that happens here.

  3. Those boxes are lovely, it sounds as though Clark's already organised ready for Christmas. Glad to hear that Eden's gig went well.

  4. oh man! you're making me want to stop everything and run to the store to look at christmas decorations ;)