Thursday, 4 February 2016

Birthdays and packing

It's Luke's birthday today so this morning Eden sent me a Snapchat of him opening some pressies and Luke being the well brought up lad that he is sent a text to say thankyou for the presents we gave him.
It's also one of my best friends birthdays today so I'm blogging whilst waiting for her to get home so I can take her presents round.
It's 28 hours until the boys go to Winter camp and they are beyond excited, they keep asking how many hours it is until they go hence the reason I can tell you exactly!
We've done most of the packing, from this

To this,

We've got to add the sleeping bags, pillows, coats and wellies so there's a bit more to do tomorrow. I've written a list to tick off so that they don't forget things like toothbrushes!


  1. Winter camp sounds much too cold...not for the boys.....boys are never cold but the poor leaders!

    1. Luckily they're in the scout hut on site so they have a bit of protection! They're taking hot water bottles. It takes a while for cold , wet feet to warm up though!

  2. We have this to look forward to with Seb. Kids never seem to feel the cold do they!