Sunday, 21 February 2016

Signs of Spring

Saturday was spent very quietly. We picked Eden and a few friends up from a party on Friday night, two of them were staying at ours. When they got home they decided they wanted noodles! We got to bed at about 1am! Luke had to be at work at 8am and Eden at 9am so I got up early to make sure they were watered and fed as I  knew that they would get up at the last minute possible .
I made muffins this morning and Clark decorated them.

I bought the little eggs for Easter cakes but I thought we'd start them a little early.
I've also made the sponge for my birthday cake which I'm hoping to ice tonight. I'm picking up a plaque tomorrow afternoon to put on it.
I hope to post a picture of it tomorrow.
My dining table is a blaze of beautiful colour and perfume at the moment.
The hyacinths smell absolutely divine, when you open the door in the morning it just hits you.

Not a lot to blog about really,  quiet weekend!


  1. Mmmm Cake. Happy birthday in advance!

  2. I'd die from the smell of all those flowers! I think they'd smell the exact opposite of how you described them!!!