Friday, 5 February 2016

More cakes

 Any long time readers will know that Malc works with leaflets! He does all sorts with them and this involves quite a few leaflets being delivered to our house.
One of his contracts has a lovely delivery driver who calls every Friday.
Now Mike has found out that we like baking and a tradition of giving him a muffin or a slice of something has been started.
This is fine if baking doesn't take place too early in the week otherwise I have to hide something for him so it doesn't get eaten by the boys!
From our baking this week I managed to hide this for his Friday treat,

Today Callum did some more baking.
He decided to make some cake mixture and then divide it into four portions and add colouring to three of them. He added blue, orange and red.
This is the result,

I only took a picture of two of them, I think all 24 will be different and that's too much work!
You might find a couple more pictures pop up over the next couple of days though!
The boys and Malc are leaving in twenty minutes, everything's packed and in the mini bus.
I'm trying to keep them from bouncing off the walls at the moment, they're so excited!
So depending how the weekend goes I could be blogging a lot or you might not hear from me for a couple of days because I'm too busy having my own adventures!!


  1. Callum's very adventurous with his baking, I wouldn't be able to resist his goodies. Hope the boys and Malc are having a good time and hope you're enjoying having a bit of me time too.

    1. Malc has text. They're all having a great time albeit a wet one!

  2. Ooooh Callums cakes look amazing! I miss cakes, lol. x