Wednesday, 3 February 2016

One gone, three to follow!

Firstly I must apologise for the mess in my comments and if I've commented on your blog.  For some reason my comment is coming up twice. I have even pressed  the publish button ever so carefully and made sure that I've only pressed it once so goodness knows what's going on!
This morning Eden left with Luke and I'm not going to see her until Friday. She's then away Saturday and Sunday. Practice for me for Uni!
On Friday night Malc, Soloman and Cody are away for winter cub camp so I'll be running on a skeleton crew here. Callum, Clark and I have made some lovely plans for the weekend which I  shall no doubt blog about.
At the moment all four boys have gone down the backwaters to fish again, I do love it when they all go out together and pool their resources and knowledge to complete a task. It really doesn't happen that often!
Whilst Malc, Clark and I went shopping Callum made some muffins. I thought I'd try out a spray can that you fix a nozzle to to put all the icing on the top of the cupcake with.

As everything is always perfect in blog land I only put the picture of the best ones up, the four "practice" ones are a bit of a mess. They'll still get eaten, luckily the boys don't care what their foods looks like, it's the taste that counts!


  1. Oh lovely cake pictures, that's what I missed when you were away!

  2. Those cupcakes look fabulous. You will feel it when Eden goes off to uni, it's a funny feeling having one less in the house but it soon becomes normal. Daniel finishes this year but it will depend whether he gets a job or not as to whether he comes home, I may get him back just as Eleanor goes.

    1. Thanks Jo x Hopefully I'll be so busy with the boys and everything else and that will carry me through x

  3. We have really noticed it now we are two kids down. It certainly alters the dynamics. But you adapt and its a lovely sort of new. x