Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bovington Tank Museum

We've been here before and I'm sure I've blogged about it before. We bought tickets back last May and they last a year, you can go back as many times as you like within those 12 months. This is our third visit and we hope to get one more in before they run out in May.

It's such a great place to go with four boys! Eden stayed at home and had a friend round whilst looking after the dogs for us.
We arrived about midday and took a picnic.
Looked round the tanks and found some gun games to play on

They've also got a new building open where they store tanks being restored and waiting to go into exhibits, sometimes they are housed in this building whilst they are deciding the best place to put it in the main building.

The boys had a great day which is what it's all about!
I've finished the blue cardigan but have yet to sew it together, so I've started on a dishcloth meantime.
Over at, Morgan had posted about I had a look at it and guess what I discovered , one hundred and fifty patterns for dish clothes!
There is something for all occasions.

Just a few samples for you. Most of them are just garter and purl stitch.
I think they make ideal flannels, especially if you personalise them with the recipients hobby.
I hope to knit a few myself so look out for the pics in the future.


  1. What a great day out, especially with four boys. I bet they had a whale of a time. Thanks for the link to the cloths, I got some cotton yarn for Christmas so that's earmarked for facecloths so I shall have a look at the link.

  2. It was good fun Jo. I thought the knitting bee site was great

  3. My mum used to knit dishcloths and I miss having them SO much. Perhaps you should run a competition I could enter and I might be lucky enough to win one! I like the house one best.....

  4. Good idea Em. I've never done giveaways before although I've seen them on other blogs. I'll have a think about that. Not sure what to do as a competition though!

  5. A dream day out for most boys, big and small :)
    I like the patterned face cloths/dishcloths. They would make lovely handmade gifts.

    1. To be honest it was mainly lads and their dads! Girls were very thin on the ground! I thought the dishcloths could also be used as flannels. There were some really pretty ones on the site

  6. A real lads day out ... and cheap and cheerful .. what could be better.
    Its nice to see them having a good time.
    Dishcloths are great ..

  7. It was great, a definite no spend day. In America dishcloths are an absolute craze, it looks like they could be taking off over here!

  8. Hello Bridget, I only just got round to visiting you and have enjoyed a lovely hour drinking tea and reading about your lovely family, while my husband cleans up after the builders!
    I must say I do admire your energy and organisational skills, what a lively happy household you sound!
    Nice to meet you properly. Please show more pics of the dogs, you know me and dogs, I just adore dogs and would have more if I could!

  9. Hi Kath, nice of you to visit. Thank you for the compliments x. Always happy to oblige, more pics of dogs to follow!