Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Not a good day!

The day started with a huge clap of thunder which hit our local Asda and hit the oldest of the bridges that goes over our harbour. Unfortunately it was in the up and open position and so it's been stuck like that all day!
We do have a second bridge which is just over a year old but this has had many teething problems and has also been known to get stuck in the up and open position! Let's hope it doesn't decide to play up in the next few days!
I did my leaflet round this morning, as I left the house the sky was blue, I got about a third of the way round and the heavens opened and we had a load of hail! Not good, I finished the round but was not in good humour when I got home.
To top it all the left turn at the end of our road has been shut as we've got a burst water main! This particular stretch of road was shut off for about eight weeks just over fourteen months ago whilst they replaced all the water pipes. It makes so much of an impact because if you want to go to Upton at the top of the road you can only go this way, turning right goes to Poole. So now we have to turn right, go through Poole and all the way round the bypass to get to Upton which is about half a mile UP the road. So much more petrol, more time and lots of traffic queues. A lot of people aren't very happy!
 We were meant to pick Eden up at two o'clock but she rang us at one o'clock to say her exams had finished and what should have been a thirty minute journey there and back became an hour and twenty minute journey because of the detour.
It looks like the road is going to be closed for two weeks!
I think many a row of knitting will be done this evening to destress!


  1. That's a real inconvenience, and very frustrating having to add extra time to your journey. I can sympathise with you on this one, when Ian was in hospital they closed 1/4 mile stretch of the main road from here to there. To get the other side of the 1/4 mile I had to do a 50 mile detour, there was just no other way round it. I hope you get sorted with the bridge and road closure quickly.
    In the meantime enjoy the knitting :)

  2. It is a pain. My needles are clacking!

  3. Why is it life can be so very frustrating at times ...!
    Chin up ... and keep knitting x