Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Hope yours has been a great one.
Mine started with Malcolm and myself going out for breakfast, no children, just us!
I bought Malc a little light that you clip onto your book, he bought me this,
He knows me so well!
It's cotton as I want to knit some flannels for us all. I'm fed up with our shop bought ones getting holes in after a couple of weeks.
The puppies had a good night and are nearly back to normal, it's a bit of a problem trying to get them to stop playing!
We've had a busy day dropping Eden off at friends and having to go into town to buy Clark a scout shirt as he's being invested tonight, hopefully pictures to post tomorrow.
Malc is now at Beavers, followed by Scouts, followed by picking Eden and several friends up from Youth Club as she's got a sleepover tonight.
The road is still closed and as Malc is in the scout hall next door to youth club it makes sense for him to drop friends off. Sometimes I'm not sure whether having a mini-bus is a blessing or a hindrance!
I've just got one button hole band on the cardi I'm knitting to do and hopefully it'll get sown up tomorrow. I didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted to last night as Eden and I sat and nattered whilst the house was quiet which was lovely and quite a rare occurrence! She usually fits me in between tweets and texts!
We've got another wet and windy night ahead so I'm glad I'm indoors. Looking forward to Malc, Clark and Cody getting home and Eden getting to her friends so I know everybody is safe, unfortunately that's not going to be until about 9-30pm so I'm going to have some tea and immerse myself in blog reading which will help pass the time!
I'd like to say hello to a new follower too, Frugal Queen,  thanks for following.
Hope everybody keeps warm and dry!


  1. Lovely shades for your flannel knitting.
    Your parent taxi is busy again, hope everyone gets where they should be without wet feet

  2. I got bought some cotton yarn for Christmas for the exact same purpose, though I haven't started them yet. Hope the weather wasn't too bad last night and that everyone got to where they needed to go.

    1. It was a bit scary for a while there. Our fence is down and the garage doors blew off! The windows were rattling like anything but everyone got home safe and sound x