Friday, 7 February 2014

Operation.... Dry my washing!

Today has been glorious, the calm before the storm some would say!
I went to Mums this morning to blow dry her hair and cut Eds, only with clippers, a hairdresser I am not!
I've managed to dry three loads of washing, all the big quilts, towels and dogs bedding. We put down old quilt covers or towels by the front and back doors just to help with the paw prints but by the end of the day they are black so I wash between two and four every day. I have to hang them over the banister or the dining table chairs every night to dry.
So today I've been in and out as soon as something is dry it's in and replaced by something wet.
Beavers has been canceled as two of the leaders are ill, unfortunately that doesn't help us as we've still got band rehearsal, Scouts and Youth club.
Malc is planning to drive round the long way as the road is still shut and then leave the mini bus the other side of the road block and walk back through and then walk back to go pick up each of the children as and when, he's got to do this three times! I'm not sure when the rain is meant to start tonight but I think he could be getting wet!
It'll save going round and back the long way wasting a lot of petrol.
We've been out in the garden this afternoon making sure everything is secure as we're predicted a severe storm here over the next 24/48 hours.
I've got the candles handy just in case, I've never knitted by candlelight so I'll let you know how I get on! Hopefully the candles won't be needed.
So to all you readers particularly in the South West keep yourselves warm, dry and safe.


  1. Daniel came home from uni last weekend bringing with him four weeks worth of washing which I had to get dry and ironed in a day and a half. It was raining all weekend so the radiators were put to use. I just managed it. Hope the impending storm isn't too bad. Keep safe.

  2. Thanks Jo, I can't imagine what some people are going through at the moment. The animals that I've seen wading about in water on the news just breaks my heart.
    I don't think I've got enough clothes to last me four weeks. Good to know we stop looking after them when they leave home! ;-) x

  3. I wish I'd put the washing out on the line this morning, but it was drizzling earlier when the load was finished and as it was mostly just tea towels and underwear I hung it inside. I have hung one load out this week and it was certainly a lot drier when I got it in than when I put it out. I have a load of heavy darks to do tomorrow so if the patchy rain stays off long enough I'll hang that out for a couple of hours. I'm certainly doing a lot less laundry since DD3 and BF moved out, which is a real blessing in this weather. Good luck with transporting your brood to their various activities and fingers crossed you won't need those candles.

  4. Thanks Helen x Two journeys down, one to go!

  5. Impressive work - I managed to do the washing yesterday and there will be more tomorrow when it's tipping down again!

    1. My house is like a Chinese laundry Em, there's still washing hanging everywhere. It's never ending! Good luck drying yours x