Saturday, 1 February 2014

They came second!

Soloman and Clark went to their District Scrapheap Challenge this afternoon. A group of six Cubs including my two boys were set a challenge and they have to complete it within two hours with loads of recycled things.
The remit was to make an area, you had to include any of the following, a boat, a river, a play park, tearooms, lockeepers cottage and a lock.
Here's our Cubs finished article
You can see the boat in the foreground, then you have a grass patch with flowers in, a slide, a sandpit and a see-saw. The lockeepers house is being placed on the back of their masterpiece!
They came second, losing by just two points!
The artists at work!

Their Cub leader was chuffed as they've not entered this for several years and they didn't expect to get placed at all.
They all got some sweets and a certificate which the cub leader's going to get framed and it will be hung in the scout hall.
Obviously all the craft we do at home has paid off!


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  2. Fantastic. Well done to Soloman and Clark.

  3. well done, it looks fantastic :)

  4. yes all that crafting has paid off!!

  5. Thanks Amanda x I notice you have set your blog to permission only, I can't find your email address to ask you for an invite so sorry but can I ask you here? X

  6. Yes i was going to ask if you wanted an invite i ll send one to you.

  7. Well done boys!, very artistic :)