Thursday, 27 February 2014

The other end!

Thank you to simple Suffolk smallholder, Karen, Jo, Dreamer, Em, C and Amanda for all their good wishes , they seemed to have worked!
I did have a lovely birthday, I woke with a sore throat but it wasn't too bad. It certainly didn't stop me eating when I went out for a meal with Malc, the children and my parents in the evening. It was more the next day when I woke!
Store throat, headache and no energy whatsoever, which wasn't good. This house needs a lot of energy!
Here are most of my presents
I received quite a few chocolates, some lovely candles and wax tarts that you put in a burner and they make your house smell lovely, any thing's better than damp dogs, a book light, smellies and in the middle there is a feather duster that Cody bought me, I've been wanting one for ages.
Another dishcloth,
A close up of the moss stitch
We are already using them as flannels, Callum thinks his one is great. I didn't think the boys would want these because of the colour, I thought they would wait for me to knit the yellow ones but they both got snapped up!
I have been doing essential jobs only so I've got quite a bit of knitting done so I'm warning you now tomorrows post will contain lots of pictures of knitting!
Bet you can't wait!


  1. How much would you charge to make me a couple of dishcloths???? I miss my mum's so much! xx

  2. Em... I wouldn't charge you anything. It's a pleasure to knit for people who appreciate it x If you go to my profile my email address is on there. Let me know what you want and I can knit it up and post it to you. Xx It'll be a pleasure x

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better, lots of lovely presents and a bit of knitting are the best tonic. The cloths look lovely in moss stitch, dishcloths were the first thing my mum taught me to knit, they were a bit more loopy (and holey) than the ones I knit these days!! xx

    1. My Hubbys nan use to knit dishcloths right up until she died at the age of 95yrs. She liked to knit but couldn't do lots of stitches as it would be too heavy for her to hold, so she knitted loads of lovely patterned ones and they lasted ages!

  4. lol, more knitting :) pleased you are feeling better. x

  5. Thanks Amanda, pictures of knitting later! Hurrah!!