Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Another birthday and more knitting

Last Friday was my stepdads birthday but we were all busy that day and on the Saturday so we decided to celebrate it on the Sunday.
Eden had her paid singing at church in the morning, Mum and Ed arrived at noon to roast lamb and profiterole gateau. Scrummy.
Clark and I also made a birthday cake, just a simple one,

We used the same sort of indoor fountain candles that we used for Clark's cake but with much less success! We managed to light the first one but couldn't light the second, so by the time we did the first one had gone out! Then I tried to take a picture of it all on my phone which was on a go slow so I got one with that fountain just about to go out!
I've also been knitting these for my Mum as part of her present
 for Mothers Day,

I think I've said before that Mum hates wearing socks but when she's sitting in her chair her feet get cold so she puts these on, she's also taught Topsy, her Yorkie to pull them off for her.
I did my leaflet round in glorious sunshine this morning which has given way to rain this afternoon.
Off to catch up with some TV,  we've been so busy that I've missed quite a few programmed that I like to watch.


  1. It sounds like a lovely celebration, pity about the candles but at least they lasted twice as long this way. What a clever dog Topsy is. We had a gorgeous day yesterday but it's rained just about all day today.

  2. It was a lovely meal and we laughed about the candles x