Friday, 7 March 2014

Muddy Dogs!

We are very lucky in that to the side of us is a row of houses, then a road and then another row of houses and then we have three huge fields and two adjoining copses.  Even luckier for us is that we can cut through some garages and it's literally 150 yards from our house. Animals residing over there are foxes, deer, which we have seen on numerous occasions, rabbits and so many species of birds. We go to the fields a fair bit but most of the dog owners on our estate walk their dogs over there and it can get quite busy!
We thought we'd pop over there today, now I thought the Heath was muddy yesterday, it was nothing compared to today!
I thought I would treat you to a couple of pictures of muddy dogs!
 Medina, but Tula was the clear winner!
She was filthy!
A picture of one of the less muddy fields. What is it with boys? They always manage to find a stick from somewhere to carry around with them!

Luckily after the walk we went round to my mums for a cuppa so the dogs were in their cages in the minibus and had time to dry off a bit before we took them home and let them in the house.
Tonight has been the usual round of Beavers, Scouts and Youth
At Youth Club tonight they are playing something called Wide Games, which is sort of like British Bulldog, I think Eden is going to come back covered in mud!
It's the second day of Crufts tonight, so I'm off to do the last front of the green cardi I'm knitting and drool over all the gorgeous, well groomed, well behaved mutts!


  1. The Scouts and cubs always played wide games at Scout camp, they usually involved a huge amount of rushing about and shouting and trying to sneak up without being seen. We had one called posting the letter which had the leaders moving round trying not to be found too - very exhausting! Thank you for the memory.

  2. A last years event Eden wouldn't submit and got told she plays like a lad to which the youth worker said he wasn't surprised as she had four brothers!

  3. oh muddy pups! what are you gonna do?!?
    we're still knee-high in snow over here... but once it melts i'll have a muddy pupper of my own to deal with! :)

    1. I would definitely prefer snow Melissa! I think there's going to be a few baths today now the worse has fallen off! X

  4. I am just so happy that Ben was clipped before all this mud, His BFF Greg gets absolutely plastered every time they go out.

    1. I think because most of my dogs are little ones and therefore closer to the ground they seem to get muddier!

  5. lovely to see dogs enjoying themselves as dogs should.

  6. We're definitely not precious with them Kath!