Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Duvet Day

We discussed  walking the dogs but every where we go would be waterlogged or had streams or rivers and so we decided to stay in after all.
This weather is totally my fault you know? This is because before Christmas I was saying I was looking forward to going on some long dog walks! Somebody, somewhere obviously heard me!
The dogs soon realised they wouldn't be going out and they all settled in a comfy space.
For four of them that comfy space was on Callum!
The puppies are really growing now and love cuddling up to each other.
So we watched a couple of programmes that we'd taped over Christmas, one of them being the one about dolphins... Spy in the pod. Soloman in particular loves this sort of programme.  We also watched a couple of episodes from a series we taped with Adam Henson and a chef called Nigel, can't remember his last name!
I've started to knit some bedsocks for my Mum, I've adapted them from a pattern that I've got for long socks so I just do them shorter. I usually crochet a tie to go through the cuff so they don't fall down but my Mum likes them loose round the ankle as she's trained  her Yorkie, Topsy to pull them off for her. I'll have to try and get a picture of that sometime.

I'm actually using two balls of 4py wool together to make a double knit thickness. I've got quite a bit of 4 ply but I'm not very keen on knitting with it as you have to use such small needles and it takes ages to grow.  This way it gets used!

The weatherman are telling us we've got another load of wind and rain coming tomorrow. Not good! There are a lot of people in Dorset who haven't been able to return home since Christmas and it looks like they won't be returning any time soon.
So not a great way to start the year for many.
As I sit in my comfy chair knitting, watching TV with all my family around me I count myself as very fortunate!


  1. There have certainly been some people had a terrible time over Christmas and the New Year. I really feel for them it must be so stressful. It definitely makes you appreciate having a safe, warm home to live in.

    Adorable photo of the staffy pups, how cute are they :)

  2. My daughter in law would love those staffy puppies, she has had one for14 years, hes a bit fat and smelly now and has a bad leg but he is still loved to bits, the little dog runs rings round him.

    Love the knitting, gorgeous colour. X

  3. I've never had Staffies before and was a bit cautious when we were offered these but they really are soft, soppy dogs! Wouldn't be without them now!

  4. The bloke you are trying to think of is the tatty looking Nigel Slater.
    This weather just goes on and on , so much damage to so many places, glad you are not down at the coast.
    You can almost see the puppys growing by the minute
    Stay dry!

    1. Yes, Nigel Slater, that's the one! I'm by Bournemouth but luckily our part of the coast goes in a bit so we are slightly sheltered by Portland and Swanage, so that helps in weather conditions like this.
      The pup are certainly growing. They both have loads of baggy skin acroos their backs that they've still to grow into!

  5. I love the colour of those socks. Are they knitted entirely on 2 straight needles? I can't do double pins and would love to know what pattern you used if you'd be kind enough to let me know. Thank you.

    1. They are done on two normal needles, putting the pattern number on today's post x