Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mums seldom worry for no reason!

I have been pondering all day how, or even if, to write this post.
People blog in different ways, some have lots of information, some bare all, some seem to have the perfect life/partner/children.
I certainly don't bare all, I'll put in quips about the children's behavior, I will never blog about disagreements I have with Malc, I will sometimes ask for advice.
As this is real life and Edens long awaited party has been spoken about and well wishes have been sent I don't feel that I can just move on without some mention of the party.
I'm not giving full graphic details and names but will give the basic happenings here and I hope you all understand why.
Edens party was finishing at midnight, some guests were sleeping over, girls only, no boys allowed to stay and the other girls parents who Eden was sharing the party with were upstairs all evening. These were the rules, everyone was happy, there would be alcohol and we were trusting people to be sensible.
About an hour after the party started one of Edens friends seemed to be extremely drunk, they were all surprised as nobody had seen her drink much. They called her Mum  to pick her up, she lives about 25 miles away so they knew she would be a while.
Meantime the girl started being sick, the parents upstairs were already on their way downstairs after hearing the music stop, waiting a few minutes for it to begin again and guessing something was going on.
The girl became unconscious and an ambulance was called. The paramedics stated straight away she'd taken something, probably meyths, which we'd never heard of, otherwise called, speed, skank or ice. ( Crash course on the Internet last night!)
She was taken to hospital along with her Mum.
Eden called us to come and pick her up, the other friends parents had told everyone they had to go home and were very shocked about the episode. We entered the house to be confronted by some extremely upset and shocked teenagers, a lot had already been picked up.
The  other friends parents were mortified by what had happened.
We brought Eden home and we were up until 3am talking with her. She was extremely upset and shocked by what had happened.
I text the Mum of the girl in hospital this morning and she's OK, she was in resus for hours and her heart did in fact stop but luckily they doctors managed to bring her back.
This young lady comes from a loving hardworking family, her Mum is one of the nicest ladies I know.
Everyone is completely shocked, none of her friends knew she took drugs, didn't know she had taken any thing that night and quite a few are blaming themselves for not knowing.
The only thing good that has come out of this at the risk of sounding callous is that this will stay with those party guests for a long time, they will be able to see that drugs are not glamorous, they saw her do some pretty undignified things that she wouldn't have been conscious of.
Today Eden has received so many texts and phone calls from concerned friends that it had sort of taken over the day.
She's at a church choir rehearsal at the moment which she didn't really want to go to but I think she'll be fine when she gets there, I think she needs a little time out from the phone calls.
She's torn between being gutted her party was ruined, being angry and then feeling so sorry for the girl. She can't believe she didn't know her friend was taking drugs and by the stories coming out now could have been taking them for several months.
Hopefully they will all be able to move on from this, I think it's all been a bit close to home for them.
I am very proud of them all for the way they've handled themselves, rallied around to comfort each other and although a few have been a bit hard nosed about the girl most have been very compassionate and plan to be as supportive as they can.
Luckily this incident had a good outcome, many of them don't!
So, in whatever way you send your healing wishes to people, whether by prayer, positive vibes, meditation please send some to this young lady, her family and to all her friends who will be marked by this incident for a very long while.
Thank you x


  1. Poor Eden, what a wake up call to the big ugly world out there. These sorts of things always hit home harder when it involves a friend. Probably a good lesson learnt by everyone at the party, and like you say they will remember it for a very long time.
    It's such a shame that the birthday party was ruined for the two girls through no fault of their own. but at least there was a happy ending to it all. I hope the girl involved makes a good recovery and gets lots of support from her friends and parents. Sending prayers to help everyone affected, there must be lots of worried parents and concerned friends today xx

    1. The girl is home now. There are going to be so many repercussions for her for the sake of a pill and a thrill ! I think most of her friends are just so shocked. Thanks for the comment. I was worried people would be a bit judgemental x

  2. I agree about baring all AND that the silver lining here is that they all witnessed what can happen to anybody taking drugs. Sorry about the party though.

    Thanks for following Dartmoor Ramblings by the way!

    1. Thanks Em. Your pictures on your blog are just amazing, particularly the ones of birds. X

  3. What a shock for everyone, particularly the poor girls' parents. As you say this is a rather graphic lesson for all the party goers as to the consequences of taking drugs; the girl was very fortunate that an ambulance was called so quickly and she survived what could have been a fatal incident. I feel so sorry for Eden, what a dreadful end to her birthday celebrations.

    1. Thanks Helen. Luckily everything's turned out as well as it could be given the circumstances. Could have so easily been a different outcome though!

  4. So sorry that the party was ruined but thank heavens the girl is OK.
    You just never know how some kids get into drug taking while thankfully the majority don't.
    I guess the fall out from all this is will be distressing for Eden and her friends for a while. Best wishes to you all.

    1. We've learnt that the nicest of families can be affected by this. We were all so shocked at who it was when there are others in her school you would point the finger at! We live in our little bubble, it's horrible when it bursts!

  5. Drugs are everywhere .. like you said maybe its a realistic lesson for all concerned. Hopefully everyone will be supportive of the girl and her family. Maybe it would be useful for the school to be informed .. they usually have counsellors etc now .. just in case some of the others at the party need a bit of help .. not all young people find it easy to talk to their parents. And like you say .. maybe they feel guilty or worried because they didnt know about the drug taking .. maybe they did .. maybe they have their own problems..
    Sorry going on a bit now ... I use to work in this area ... a complicated and confusing age .. growing up can be so hard.

  6. Eden has said she's expecting to be called out of lessons to be asked as the girls best friend what she knows about the situation. This has been done before with other girls with different situations.They are offered support. Half of the teenagers have said they aren't even telling their parents! I'm really lucky we have such a good relationship and she can come to me. If she gets a lot of problems and questions from other students I will speak to the school. We talked about me ringing them first thing Monday morning but she has asked me not to, she wants to see how it goes. I'll respect her decision at the moment. Thanks for your comment though, I agree with everything you've said.It's nice to know you have worked in this area and mine and Edens conversations have been along the lines of what your suggesting. That makes me feel better.

  7. Oh dear, so sorry to hear what happened, I do hope the girl makes a full recovery and gets the help she needs. so distressing for her friends to have seen this and upsetting for Eden and her friend to have a sad end to their birthday party. It sounds like they are being very adult about it all, I do hope everything turns out for the best.
    Much love to you all
    Karen xxx

  8. Thank you Karen, the girl is fine and back to school tomorrow which I find amazing! I think she's going to find out who her real friends are, Eden certainly has!

  9. wow, what a shock! i am so glad that things ended well and i think you're right, the positive thing to take from this (aside from her friend being alright) is the effect it will have on the other party goers. drugs are not glamourous, hopefully they will remember that when faced with choices in the future.
    all that aside, i hope that eden was still able to enjoy her birthday.
    sending lots of love to your family!

  10. Thanks Melissa, the girl has returned to school, unfortunately lots of rumours are going round. Ninety- nine percent of them are not true! It's still very much an ongoing situation.