Thursday, 23 January 2014


Today our much longed for baby girl is sixteen. Much longed for as it took six years to fall for Eden.
We'd actually given up hope of having a baby and like lots of stories go when you stop trying, you get pregnant!
Her brothers presents to her are here waiting for her to return from school
She's already had our present of money and I know a few people are going to drop by later with presents, that's why I'm posting this early as I know it's going to be chaos later!
Edens favorite flowers are red roses, now mine are yellow roses and as I'm the mother of the birthday girl I received these,
Aren't I lucky?
We've finished the cake, Callum and I did it together, now I love baking cakes but I'm not very good at decorating them but I was really pleased with how this came out.
Front view,
Top view
More tomorrow, with lots of birthday pictures I suspect!


  1. The cake turned out really pretty, good job!
    Lovely that you get to have some of your favourite flowers too :)
    I have a yellow rose bush in my garden bought by a relative for me when we moved to this cottage. It is called "Our Dream" :)

  2. Thankyou . I just love yellow roses, so bright and cheerful. My absolute favorite is daffodils though.
    How thoughtful your relative is choosing a rose with a name like that

  3. I like yellow roses too. I have a (very old) "Peace" rose in my front garden.
    Enjoy your evening

  4. Thank you Gill. My mum had a "Peace" rose for many years in her front garden. She tried to take it with her when she moved but unfortunately it didn't survive.

  5. Beautiful roses and Lovely Cake, well done to you both and a Happy Birthday to Eden. Have a good time.

  6. the cake is lovley :) i hope she has a lovley day :)

    (daffodils are my favourite too!)

    1. Thanks very much. My birthday is in February so I usually get a bunch!

  7. Beautiful flowers and a fabulous cake! Happy. Birthday Eden, have a wonderful evening. X

  8. happy birthday to eden!
    the cake turned out gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful cake. Happy Birthday, Eden. My baby boy is 21 this year and my big girl is 30. They grow up so fast.

    1. I can't believe she's sixteen! Always our babies though! x