Monday, 13 January 2014

Food for the birds and food for us!

This morning Soloman, Cody and I made some of these.

We melted some lard in the microwave and then stirred in some birdseed and some mealworms.

We put them in the freezer for ten minutes to firm them up and then wrapped them in cling film. We've done twelve for us and twelve for Mum as she got a bird station for Christmas and loves watching all the visitors to it through her lounge window.
Mind you looking at them I'm going to have to make sure they're not mistaken for stuffing balls as they look really similar!
Then we made these, chocolate chip muffins,

This afternoon we went to the library to print of our letters that we wrote on our tablets yesterday.
I also borrowed some knitting books to have a look through some patterns. Now I have got hundreds of patterns but they are quite old, Some of them were my Mums and are about 40 years old. So I wanted to find something more modern. 
I found this,
A snake scarf, I thought this would be lovely to knit for some of the younger children of my friend with the large family. Knowing my boys I'll bet they will want one too!
So I'm off to go and have a browse through some of the other knitting books and see what else I can find.


  1. Our chickens love mealworms , it is like giving them crack cocaine lol

    Cute scarf pattern. Could you sew two together and stuff it to make a toy?

  2. Your chickens and mealworms sounds like me and chocolate!!!
    What a good idea to sew to together. It would also make a novelty doorstop.

  3. Lucky birds, those lard and seed balls would look yummy if you didn't know what was in them. The muffins look truly delicious and you have the same muffin cases that I do. My sock pattern arrived today and I've made a start on a pair of the short 1x1 rib ones using some space-dyed wool I've had for ages. I can see that sock knitting will become addictive so everyone will definitely get a pair for Xmas 2014 and I'll be looking out for bargain wool throughout the year.

    1. I love knitting from that pattern. I can't tell you how many times I have used it, it's very tattered now! I 've tried to knit socks with three and four needles but I just can't seem to be able to get it right. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the socks you are going to knit unless the recipients read your blog of course. Wouldn't do to ruin the surprise!

  4. I LOVE the snake scarf. |I bet some of the teenage would like them too!

  5. Thanks Gill, I think I could be knitting quite a few of them!

  6. I keep saying that I'm going to make my own fat blocks for the birds, I just never seem to get round to it, I really must make more of an effort. Yours look really good, the birds will be flocking to your garden. What a brilliant scarf. Don't forget, there's always Ravelry which has loads of free downloads if you're ever stuck for a pattern. I end up wasting so much time just looking around on that site.

  7. The starlings in particular go mad for them. I do belong to Ravelry but I keep forgetting about them, must take a look!I know what you mean about looking around sites, one click leads to another!