Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The cake so far!

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I feel much better today, I had a good nights sleep which always helps.
I've finished the welly tops for my friend, I must remember to take a picture tomorrow as I've put them away already!
I'm now starting on another pair of bedsocks as I've received an order for five pairs, three ladies and two children.
Today has been the usual round of housework and shopping but we've also been shopping for surprises as tomorrow is Edens 16th birthday . I have a huge number one and number six balloon in the dog cage in the back of the van waiting to be brought out tomorrow.
Callum and I have got this far with the cake,

We made the sponge and cut it in half horizontally, buttercreamed it and then I cheated and bought ready made roll out icing and we put that on.
Tomorrow we are going to decorate it.
Our internet has been intermittent today which has been very frustrating. Hopefully it has been sorted now, it did make me  realise though how much we use it and rely on it.


  1. Cake's looking good so far, hope the birthday girl has a lovely day tomorrow x

    1. Thank you, it's certainly going to be busy x