Saturday, 25 January 2014

Mums Taxi

That's what I am today, just a taxi driver! I took Malc and the two eldest boys to Men's Breakfast which is held at our local church, bi-monthly.
Got back hovered the lounge and hallway and then washed those two floors, took Eden and her friend to the friends house where their party is being held.
Got back, literally put the car keys down when Malc texted and asked me to go and pick him up.  So I did that, all this before 11am!
The rest of the day has been quieter thankfully!
Clark and Callum cleaned out the rabbits whilst we had a day of no rain!
I did a basket of ironing.
Then we all sat down and watched a Christmas film, yes, you read that right! One that I'd taped from before Christmas.
I'm going to try and finish the pair of bedsocks that I'm knitting tonight to take my mind off my daughters party which is the first one ( that I know of anyway!) that involves boys and alcohol!
We are all hankered down for the bad weather we have approaching overnight, we've already had our dustbin go over and go gliding down the road!
I also have to say thanks to Jo (Through the Keyhole) I think you could be right, the bird on the spoon does indeed look like it could be a Marsh Warbler
At lastly welcome to a new follower, thrift deluxe. Thanks for following me.


  1. We had a big thunderstorm with hail at 5pm, I'm sure thunder in January isn't right.

  2. Wow, I've not heard any here, just high wind and steady rain.

  3. Thunder, lightening and hail here too. DEFINITELY not right for January!
    I know what you mean by being a taxi. When mine were younger it felt like that.

  4. I don't usually mind, just felt a bit taken for granted this morning. I'll survive!

  5. we ve had hail, wind and rain and its so COLD.....
    hope the party went well !!

    1. The storm here wasn't anywhere near as bad as expected x