Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dull day

No rain today but goodness me it's cold down here in Dorset
The day started with the boys cleaning out their rabbits whilst I sorted out all the veg for tea. Roast chicken with all the trimmings.
After a quick lunch, the boys and I sat round to write letters to their Nan who lives in Essex. We usually do this on a Monday and we write them by hand but today I thought we could put their new tablets to better use than playing minecraft!! So we all typed out the letters on our tablets.

Unfortunately we've not got a wireless printer so Malc has had to send the letters to his email account as attachments and we're going on a book changing expedition to the library tomorrow so we'll get them printed off then.
One of this years goals I think, a wireless printer!
I've just put the chicken in, looking forward to tea.
I've done enough for everybody else now so I'm going to sit and do some crochet for an hour.
Before I go though I must say hello to a couple of new followers that I've noticed I now have! So a big welcome to Pam and Helen of The Frugal Knit-wit
I think you started following a few days ago but I'm useless at noticing these things!


  1. It has been freezing cold here today too, the coldest day for a long time. I bet Nan loves receiving all her lovely letters, what a great idea x

  2. I tell them that for doing something for thirty minutes or however long writing a letter takes they would not be able to measure how much pleasure it brings their Nan. A little thing can do so much.