Sunday, 5 January 2014

Game Playing

This is what we've been playing this afternoon. We have an interactive DVD version and we played it with my parents this afternoon, after a dinner of roast beef  and a pudding of apple strudel and ice-cream
We had two teams and played four games, we must have been evenly matched because both teams won two games each.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know we had a rain free morning so dogs were walked.
Unfortunately the rain is back and the news is full of people queueing for sand bags. The weathermen are predicting a lot of flooding again, Dorset being one of the counties in the rains path.
So it looks like it's "battle down the hatches" time again!
Hope you all keep warm and dry x


  1. We have been home from our sons about 20 minutes and the wind has whipped up and is now raining AGAIN!!

    Playing games sound a lovely way to spend the afternoon. X

  2. The forecast on "Countryfile" tonight showed rain on and off for most of the week unfortunately! Young and old played games which was lovely as you usually get somebody who makes excuses!