Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Finished the bed socks

Finished them last night whilst watching The Bletchley Circle.
I haven't given them to Mum yet, hopefully tomorrow.
I'm now crocheting a shawl for my friend that I did the hat, bootees and mitts for in the same wool.
Today was even more routine than yesterday, Malc went to work taking the older two boys with him, Eden was back to school, I did housework and then some home schooling with the two youngest.
Malc and I then went shopping , we came in £40 under budget so that was really good, seeing as I got some trousers for Callum and a hand towel for the bathroom in the sale too!
We've had a day off from rain with just a couple of little showers but the wind has still been quite strong. We can see our patio now though and we don't have to put our waders on just to go and feed the rabbits!
Off to get some tea x


  1. Replies
    1. Knitting is my stressbuster so I start off knitting really, really fast and slow down as the evening goes on and as all the stress leaves my head!!

  2. Your mum should be pleased with those, neat job :)

  3. Thank you. I knitted some for her for Christmas and then forgot to give them to her! She mentioned me knitting some for her and I remembered I'd got some wrapped up! She loves them as she hates wearing slippers/ shoes!

  4. Socks look fab .. super warm and snuggly. I admire anyone who can knit .. I've never really mastered it .. and you produce such wonderful stuff ... much impressed.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words x at the moment we are watching TV, I'm crocheting a shawl and my two eldest sons are crocheting big squares to sew into a bed cover !

  5. They look lovely and toasty, they should keep your mum's feet lovely and warm. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It sounds like you've got a full house there, all those animals. We've got a dog and two rabbits, we've wound the rest down but have had a cat, fish, guinea pigs and hamsters at one time or another. I shall go and have a nosey around your blog now, it looks really interesting.

  6. gorgeous!
    bed socks are the best!!