Friday, 17 January 2014

To busy to blog

Yesterday I was so busy that I went to bed really early without blogging! That sounds like a confession!
Today has been mad too, I went to Mums to wash and blow dry her hair this morning, did lots of housework this afternoon.
Half of us have just had Toad-in-the -Hole for tea, the other half have their's waiting on the kitchen side for when they get home.
It's the usual Friday night madness with Beavers, Youth club and now Clark has started Scouts so we've also got that in the mix. He has to do Cubs and Scouts for four week to cross over, luckily Scouts is straight after Beavers and he helps out there and it finishes the same time as Youth club, even better is that the scout hut is right next to the church where youth club is held.
I finished these earlier whilst I was waiting for tea to cook.

The colour hasn't come through very well on this picture, it's actually a lovely mint green colour, this looks more blue!
We've got quite a busy weekend coming up too but more on that tomorrow.


  1. You are a really fast knitter, more goodies for your friend's baby??

  2. You have been busy. Love the baby set. I've been ill for a couple of days and so spent most of yesterday watching TV and working on my first sock. Got it finished last night. I did the short 1x1 rib version in some double knit I had and made the ladies size. Had a little trouble working out the heel section but got the hang of it in the end. Now I have big feet (size 8) but it came out enormous. I will make the second one to finish the pair but as DH has smaller feet than I do so I'm not sure who will wear them. I'll post a pic on my blog when I've finished the 2nd one. When I make another pair I might try out the largest child's size instead or else I'll have to make the foot at least 4cm shorter.

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  4. Helen I could kick myself, I should have said I always do the third size for ladies, they fit me with room to spare and I'm a five shoe. They do come up quite big!

  5. Thanks for that; I'm happy it wasn't just me. As I did a lot of the knitting when I still wasn't feeling too good and I had such a job with the heel, having to unpick it before I got it right, I thought I must have made an error somewhere or used the wrong needles or it was simply not using the yarn for the pattern. I'm still going to knit the second one the same size and will probably give that pair to charity. They'll surely fit someone with bigger feet, but as the colour is lemony yellow I'm not sure any of the boys in my family will want them. Once I'm finished I'll have a look through my stash and have a go at the smaller size.

  6. loving the baby knits!
    at least you're busy with things that sound like fun!! :)

    1. I always try and balance out doing the horrible jobs and treating myself to an hours knitting as a reward!