Friday, 3 January 2014

No walk today!

Had to upload a picture of a wet dog as mine didn't get wet today as we didn't go out! Even a seasoned dog walker like myself didn't want to brave the weather conditions today!
We had the lights on in the house until about midday as it was so dark! Then we turned them back on about 3pm. We had moments of beautiful blue skies and sunshine but they only lasted minutes, then the house would be plunged into darkness, end of the world black skies appeared and huge hail stones fell!
We had a great time with our friends yesterday , I laughed so much that I actually gave myself a headache!
We got out our baby name book as my friend is pregnant and had great fun reading out some of the most unusual ones! Unfortunately my friend didn't like any of our suggestions! Can't think why?
Today we took our tree down and completely cleared the lounge through, it was lovely to completely dust the shelves instead of dusting through tinsel !
All upstairs was hoovered through so hopefully there will be very little to do tomorrow. I've heard there's an improvement in the weather for 24 hours before another storm heads our way so I want to take dogs and boys out to climb trees and jump in puddles! After all that's what young boys were made for!


  1. I'm sure there will be plenty of puddles for jumping in :) This weather is just getting ridiculous now, I hope you get enough rain free time to get out and about.

  2. The yorkshire weather has been good today until teatime then it started raining, not too windy at the moment though. Its lovely to put the decorations up in the excitment leading up to Christmas but its great to put them away and be tidy again!

  3. We've had the bad weather all day unfortunately. I've also just had an email from our neighborhood police saying we're on an amber warning from midnight tonight until 2pm tomorrow! Oh happy days! You're right it was lovely to put the decorations away. I hate clutter x