Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Shopping Day

I can't believe how quickly the weeks fly by. Shopping day again!

This morning I did some school work with the boys, I read a book about Pegasus and we talked about having more than one God, pride coming before a fall and the stars as there is a group called "Pegasus"
The boys constantly amaze me with the way they think, some of the things they say really surprise and delight me.
It also got me thinking about the morals of our family as a whole, although I do tell them not to lie, be kind to people and general things like that I realised today that I don't teach "Morals" they just sort of happen. Which in turn made me realise how much our behavior and beliefs rub off on our children.
It would seem that most of Malcs and my morales have been picked up by the boys. ( Luckily we are both quite moral, so they should be OK!)
I did a load of ironing and we had lunch and I figured we had about an hour before we were going shopping so I settled down for a crafty fix of knitting when the phone rang. So the hour was spent catching up with a friend that I'd not seen since before Christmas which was very nice and unexpected.
Then Malc and I managed to go shopping on our own again. Honestly Callum's so cheap, he babysits for a packet of sweets! He'll learn!
We had to pick Eden up as she had an extra class for Textiles this evening.
Tea has been eaten, we are working our way through the rota of baths and I'm now really hoping to get that hour of knitting done!


  1. Gosh .. reading your post takes be back to when our 4 boys were young ... nice family times .. they seemed so ordinary then. Now they have all grown and flown and we have a different life...just as nice but different .. funny thing life.

    1. I say I can't wait for them to all leave home but I know I will be devastated, on the other hand I'm looking forward to spending more time with Malc, caravaning, day trips, the list is endless!

  2. It made me think back to when my boys were at home, we would have discussions and If they asked We would give them advice on a number of issues, we never really knew if they were taking notice until a while later I overheard one of them on the phone giving the exact same advice to one of their friends! it made me smile. They have noth turned out to be noys to be proud of.

    Enjoy your knitting xx

    1. That's such a compliment to repeat your advice to a friend. All we can do is guide them and cross our fingers!