Saturday, 18 January 2014


Here's what we've been doing today

The boys had so much money at Christmas that I said it would be helpful if they could buy themselves a pair of shoes and a pair of slippers with some of it.
So off we went to town and walked into the only shop that had a till that wasn't working. Unfortunately we didn't know that until we went to pay! The sales assistant had to write out what they had sold complete with product number and also hand write the receipt! As the boys all paid one by one it took absolutely ages.
When we got home and I asked them if I could have a picture of them for my blog they nearly wet themselves.
I did point out that this is as exciting as my life gets!


  1. Yes ... but its real ... and important ... the stuff of life.

  2. Bless you for saying that x like I don't know that my life is quite mundane most of the time! I really don't need it pointed out to me! Kids! Don't you just love them?

  3. Technology is wonderful.....when it is working. I feel your pain being stuck forever in a shop with four boys.
    My family have given up in exasperation at the things I photograph for my blog. It is a source of lots of laughter and raised eye brows on occasion lol. x

  4. I find myself thinking "I must take a picture of that for my blog" all the time. At least we're happy!!

  5. Good job you don't have to get shoes for the dogs too!
    Blogging has made me remember how much I like taking photos and all without having to pay for having them developed.

  6. It's great just deleting the ones you don't want instead of picking them up with anticipation and finding five decent ones in a film reel of twenty-four! Or they've over exposed or something x

  7. My family are always questioning what I photograph for the blog. However, they are also suggest things to photograph too !
    Oh yes the wonder that is digital photography.
    The other day I nearly took a photograph of several pairs of shoes that I had just polished..

    1. It's funny the things you think of blogging about! Subjects pop into my mind when I'm washing up!!

  8. Technology is great when it works, not so when it doesn't. I remember working in a shoe shop on a Saturday when I was still at school, I hated people paying by credit card as it had to be put in a machine with a carbon paper on top and then the receipt had to be written out by hand, as well as ringing everything through the till. Your boys will look very smart in their lovely new shoes.

  9. They've gone to the shops with Malc this morning, they are wearing them and I've told them they have to come back without a speck of dirt on them! I'm so wicked ! Lol

  10. I love these quirky blog photographs, my hubby always asks if he can eat his dinner or does it have to have its picture taken first!! X

  11. Karen..... That did make me laugh.